All-Natural Christmas Gift Guide for Man's Best Friend

Holiday Gift Guide for Man's Best Friend

With Christmas right around the corner, it can be a scramble to get those last-minute gifts for that special pet or pet owner in your life. With the way everything is going lately, the holiday season can often be delayed and stretched long past December 25th. People are more conscious of health than ever, and that should extend to the four-legged members of your family as well. Take those bargain “bacon” snacks out of your cart and make room for some all-natural, pet-friendly gifts that will benefit both you and your dog’s wellness!

Dog Safe Toothpaste

So much of a pet’s health surround their mouth. Funny enough, that’s where a lot of their interactions with us take place as well! Neglected animal oral hygiene is a surefire way to guarantee that nobody enjoys themselves this holiday season. Plus, could bad dog breath be any worse? One-up your Greenies gift from last Christmas with an all-natural toothpaste made specifically for dogs. Stop chasing your dog around with that tube of dog toothpaste you found at the big box pet store; with the Brindle-n-Fawn Natural Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush Kit, they will be running towards you instead! With flavors like Chicken, Coconut, and Beef, this toothpaste is specifically made with your dog in mind. Not to mention, they are all made with 6 (count them...6!) simple all-natural ingredients. This will have them chewing on their favorite toy for years to come!

Dog Nose & Paw Balms

Keeping a pet happy and healthy is an excellent gift for any season. Skin conditions can be among the most prevalent physical conditions for cats and dogs that are still easily treated. They can be incredibly painful, especially in the wintertime, from irritated skin hidden under fur to cracked paws, dry noses, and chapped lips. Put any pet owner at ease with a pet-safe Natural Dog Balm. These dog-focussed balms are made of non-toxic ingredients and come in the trusty tube that we all know and love! Plus, with a range of wonderfully pleasing scents, they are perfect for human use as well. Safe for your dog; works for you, too. Where can you go wrong?

Natural Salve for Pets

Sometimes, pets need something with a little more oomph to get them through those pink noses and painful sprains and cuts. If we had these ailments, we would look for a trusted balm to soothe us. Well, there are balms for pets now too! Our Calendula Hemp Salve is designed with ingredients that not only work but are completely safe for use on your four-legged friends. The best part? They’re still 100% effective for us people too. Treat your loved ones and their pets to some rejuvenation, starting with an all-natural salve!

Humboldt Pet Supply

Need something special for your pet-loving friends and family, but have no time for shipping? Run over to our friends at Humbolt Pet Supply to choose from a whole bunch of great all-natural pet-focused products. They’re a local, small business pet shop, located in Arcata, with a love of animals that shows! From food and treats to toys and squeaks, they’ve got it all! It’s where we go whenever we need something important for our own dogs, so we couldn’t think of a better place to pick up last minute gifts for pets this Christmas season!

Pampered Pooch Tip:

Check out their sales for December to get the biggest bang for your buck while doing your pawliday shopping!

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