Our Bullmastiff's Favorite Raw Dog Meals

Here are some of our Bullmastiff's favorite raw dog food meals. Below are various food items that can be found at your local grocery store for your next raw dog food meal prep!

We prefer to feed our Bullmastiff, Ruger, with a slow feeding dog bowl so she doesn't inhale her meals. We figure...if the slow feeder will help to prevent the possibility of bloat, then it's totally worth it.

Find this bowl and our other dog supply favorites on our "Must-Have Dog Supplies" page.

•Salmon •Sardines •Rainbow Trout •Chicken Quarters •Chicken Thighs •Chicken Drumsticks •Chicken Feet •Chicken Gizzards •Chicken Hearts •Chicken Liver •Beef Heart •Beef Liver •Ground Beef •Pork Loin •Ground Pork •Ground Turkey •Goat Meat •Mussels •Broccoli •Brussel Sprouts •Green Beans •Broccoli Sprouts •Spinach •Kale •Purple Cabbage •Fresh Mint •Fresh Parsley •Fresh Cilantro •Strawberries •Blueberries •Raspberries •Bananas •Bone Broth •Plain Greek Yogurt •Pumpkin Puree •Sweet Potato Puree #rawdogfood #rawdog

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