Upcycled an Adult Raglan to Keep Our Bullmastiff Warm

A winter storm was on its way, our heater had just broken down, and I failed to prepare Ruger with something warm to wear as I couldn't leave the space heaters on all day. So, I up cycled this adult raglan by cutting out the neckline a bit and a half moon in the tummy area. In less than 15 minutes, I was able to prepare her with something that was better than nothing!

Luckily, the heater was fixed the next day but the chill of the winter storm remained and she wore this raglan for several days. Even though she's a big dog, Bullmastiffs are short-haired and she gets cold very easily. She curls into a tight ball, or will lie down in front of a space heater to let us know she's cold.

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